Friday, June 13, 2014

The Trailer for the Graphic Novel Prydwen

Over the years I've gotten involved in quite a number of video projects both for myself, businesses, and other creative individuals, and it's always been quite a pleasure trying to bring these often very diverse projects to life.  Some have been quick and dirty editing jobs, while others have been a bit more involved, but whatever the project, it's been a ton of fun trying to learn something new along the way.

For this particular project, I tried my hand at gently animating panels in the graphic novel, so as to infuse just a touch of life and motion in the various scenes. It was a fun experiment, and definitely something I'd like to try to hone-in on in the future. I've seen some incredible effect work done in Adobe After Effects, and I'd love to learn more about it! In particular, I think it would be a blast starting a new art project and setting up the layers and files so that down the road, I could really dig into it in After Effects and bring the scene to life.

One day... one day...

Prydwen Volume 1: Gods and Monsters

It is with the utmost excitement that back in 2012 I also shared a trailer I created for Lynn Hogan's newly released graphic novel, Prydwen!

Lynn put a lot of love when into the graphic novel, so I did my best to try to make the trailer just as exciting and compelling. I’m hoping if I ever do another one of these, that I can continue to up the ante on the presentation.

The audio is original music composed by Fox Amoore that I audio-edited to suit the timing of the trailer further.

Do you have any things you're interested in learning about in order to flex and enhance your various skills? I’d love to hear about them!

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