Monday, June 23, 2014

Mechanical Hummingbird Tattoo

Recently I received a message from Ricardo Dominguez, who was touched by a piece of my art, and decided to get it as a tattoo! His story really touched me, and he’s given me permission to share it with all of you.

His tattoo was inspired by
this piece of art I sketch back in 2011, when I was exploring different designs for one of the characters in my stories:

“Mechanical Hummingbird Concept” – Completed on February 3rd, 2011
WIP shot of his recently-completed tattoo.


Well, I don't know exactly how to begin with my story, but about 2 years ago my mother reached heaven, but a couple of months after that, a hummingbird appeared when I was sleeping, you know, that point when you are half sleepy half awake, and I heard my mother’s voice talking to me, so, after that I decided that I will tattoo that hummingbird, also I was curious why a hummingbird, and found the legend that says hummingbirds can go between heaven and earth and deliver messages, so I've started looking for images for the tattoo, but I didn't find anything that looks cool and not to girly, after some time I give up, and about a couple months ago, decided to start searching again, and in the first try I've found your illustration and fall in love with it, I knew, that was the right one, so I really hope you don't mind I've used it, I'm really happy with the result, thanks for everything! I can see you're a great artist, I'm a graphic designer and a make-up artist too, and really enjoy all your work, I can't find enough words to thank you, and I know my mom is happy too!!
Hope to know more about you, and you work."

Ricardo’s story really touched me, and I shared with him about why hummingbirds mean a lot to me as well (which you can read about in this blog entry). Sometimes something extraordinary unexplainable simply happens, and you're left breathless, feeling as if you were changed for the experience.

The final tattoo!

Ricardo's tattoo was marvelously done, and was created by Pete Wylde of Wakantanka Tattoos.

It's truly an honor to have my art used in this way, and I'm looking forward to when I can share with you all about the story behind the little mechanical hummingbird in my upcoming story. :)

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