Sunday, August 23, 2015

[Video Walkthrough] “Dragon Mage” – ZBrush Sculpture

Writerly Update and Unfinished Projects

I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Specifically, I got to a point in one of my stories that I realized it would be best to return to an outline state so I could better evaluate it as a whole before moving back into writing prose. So far, so good! I recently considered what I'm calling the first draft of the third version outline of "The Apprentice of Rook," and I'm really excited to share more about it as progress continues. :) View all blog posts labeled "The Apprentice of Rook."

Along these lines, I've been trying to better balance work and my personal projects, and so I'm doing a fair bit of writing and art on a weekly basis, and it's working wonderfully so far! I've been relieved that "Butterscotch" the World of Warcraft fan art yak is finally complete, and as I was sorting through files this week, I was thinking about all the other outstanding projects I have laying around, and something reminded me of one such project I'd started in ZBrush last year, but hadn't finished off.

“Dragon Mage” – ZBrush Sculpture

Above is a short video compilation of the recent ZBrush sculpture I completed, which includes a process walkthrough, turnaround, and stills. You can also access it directly through YouTube here. Make sure to view it at 1080p HD!

For most if not all projects I'd done previously through ZBrush, I'd eventually had to stop keeping the history of each step, because after a certain point the files get completely unmanageable in terms of sheer file size. This particular project ended up being a rare exception, because I had the entire history of it saved, right from his humble origins as a simple sphere. :) So if you want to "watch" how I sculpt, definitely check out the video above!

Information About the Finished Sculpture


“Dragon Mage Sculpture” – ZBrush Sculpture and Photoshop - Started on August 5th, 2014, Completed on August 22, 2015

Further Information available on

I consider it a sort of detailed sketch of one of the races from my story that I hope to get to one day. Another one is seen below, and there's even a walkthrough for this illustration here if you're interested:

As far as ZBrush projects go, this one was poorly planned and so I didn't have enough resolution to fully detail him, but that's okay. It was a great learning experience and exercise, and I'm particularly proud of the "ear" area.

Time Taken: Approximately 3 sessions spanning 10 hours total.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog and are having a productive weekend!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Current Story Status

Over the years I've completed over thirteen unpublished short stories and novellas about my characters and their world, and I'm currently working on a number of entirely new stories which I am intending to publish once they are complete.

All of these stories are set within a shared fantasy/steam-punk universe, and follow an assortment of diverse characters that are very close to my heart. Some of the stories I'm working on are listed below, and you can find out a bit more about them via the enclosed links.

Tentatively, this is what I've named and numbered the main series (all of which are subject to (undoubtedly) change):

  • Book One: The Apprentice of Rook
  • Book Two: Crystalline Whispers
  • Book Three: Secrets of an Accord
  • Book Four: Song of the Wild Ones
  • Book Five: Hand of the Lion
  • Book Six: Journey to the White Forest
  • Book Seven: Hollow Ground
  • Book Eight: Claws of Fortune


Book One: "The Apprentice of Rook" (Novel)


Brief:  The fantastical city of Rook is a marvel to behold, but its dangerous underbelly ensnares a young boy, who must find a way to bring justice to a town city ruled by the whims of the reigning Barons and Lord of Rook.
Main Characters: Vargas, Turvey, Mechanical Hummingbird, and many more
Status: First and Second Drafts complete. Originally envisioned as a short story, this work is being rebooted as the first novel in an expanded series. The third version of the outline is complete, and a second round of feedback is currently being implemented. View all blog posts labeled "The Apprentice of Rook."


Book Three: "Secrets of an Accord" (Novel)


Brief: Two strangers: one a girl, and the other, a bewitched horse become wrapped up in an adventure to save the life of an ill boy, and in doing so, uncover a variety of secrets about the town and each other.
Main Characters: OberonSashah
Status: First Draft 60% complete. Some second and third draft sections complete. Working on tightening up some plot and story details. Current word count: ~42,000 words. View all blog posts labeled "Secrets of an Accord."


"The Maiden and the Beast" (Short Story)


Brief: A coming-of-age fairy tale of a girl who must overcome adversity in the wilderness in order to earn a name and her place among her tribe.
Status: First Draft Complete. Currently undergoing heavy revisions and rewrites and planning for the second draft. View all blog posts labeled "The Maiden and the Beast."


Book Five: "Hand of the Lion"


Brief:  A foul and unusual assassination during a gathering of Kingdoms threatens to trigger outright war, and fragine allegiances are put to the ultimate test to uncover the truth and stop it.
Main Characters: Richard, SashahOberon
Status: First and Second Draft Complete. Currently undergoing heavy revisions and rewrites and planning for the third draft, which is underway. View all blog posts labeled "Rising Storm."


"The Boy Who Did Not Dream" (Short Story)

Brief:  A short story about a boy who does not dream, and what he learns about himself in the process.
Status: First Draft Complete. A second draft is in production. View all blog posts labeled "The Boy Who Did Not Deram."