Friday, May 30, 2014

Voice-Acting for a RoboCop: Motion Comic

Here's another sort of project I got involved in recently, this time involving voice-acting within the RoboCop fandom!

RoboCop: Motion Comic

Another video project I contributed to in late 2013 and early 2014 was a fan-made video project put together by one of the heads of the RoboCop Archive. The project is a motion comic featuring an assortment of deleted scenes from RoboCop II, assembled into a short story. There were a lot of talented folks that worked on the project that are listed in the credits, and my contribution was the voice acting for Anne Lewis (RoboCop’s partner: the police officer with the dirty blond hair).

I’m not going to lie: this was an absolute treat to be involved in, and meant a lot to me since I’ve been involved with the RoboCop fandom for so long.

Here’s what the RoboCop Archive had to say about it
“The completed RoboCop II movie left a lot of scenes and ideas on the cutting room floor and that is where this motion comic comes in. Taking place around the time of the second movie this project consists of a mix of various deleted scenes from RoboCop II tied together in some kind of story.

Most of the scenes feature Lewis as that was one of the characters that suffered most from the cuts.” – The RoboCop Archive

Do you have any fandoms that are dear to your heart that you enjoy being involved in?

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