Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Blessings and Curses of Personal Art and Writing

Where some creative souls search for inspiration and ways to counter "art blocks," so often I find myself in a state of mind that shares common threads, but revolves around a very different sort of tapestry. Namely: I want to do too much all at once.

In my natural state, I crave productivity. I drive to validate that my time was well-spent and put me one step closer to one of many various goals and aspirations I have for myself. Some of these goals are small and simple things ("I would like to finish a sketch tonight"), through to loftier goals which are much more difficult to size-up and accomplish ("I would like to finish my first book.") I would like to think, though, that as long as I am accomplishing something, that I am moving forward, however small those steps may be.

I'm in a constant state of wanting to do so many things at once, however, that sometimes I inadvertently stifle my own progress. And while bouncing around on different projects may offer a rush of satisfaction to my productivity itch ("Look at how many different things I did today!"), it's not nearly as satisfying and sitting down and really pushing forward on one, completing it, and then moving onto the next.

This predicament of my own creation is further complicated by the fact that I have quite a number of outstanding personal art and writing projects milling about in various states of completion. It's no surprise to me, either, that while I am quite punctual and effective my full-time work as well as my commissioned work, that it is my personal projects that so often seem to be in an odd state of perpetual half completion. 

Therefore after much thought, today I've decided to try to start treating my personal projects with the tender care that I give to projects to both my employer and clients. That means working on them with more regularity and follow-through. That means seeing all of them through to completion, including finishing up the ones that deserve it. That means regular routines for both my art and writing. And most of all, most of all, that also means self-imposed deadlines.  Here goes nothing!

Personal Goals:

- I will have a full rough draft of my next short story, "Secrets of an Accord" complete by September 1st, 2014
- I will publish my next short story, "Secrets of an Accord" online on October 1st, 2014.

In addition I will:
- Complete at least one unfinished art piece by September 1st, 2014.
- Complete reading at least one unfinished book by September 1st 2014.
- Set other realistic goals to help nurture my body and soul (including  sufficient sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition).

Here's to hoping that this new method brings to light further ways for me to be productive in the best possible sense!

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