Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Road Ahead: More on My Upcoming Story Stuff

I am just... SO freaking pumped to start sharing story stuff. I've formulated a plan of attack that I hope to go into a bit more in the coming months, but here is the general game-plan:

1.) I will be offering some new short stories concerning my world and its characters and I will be releasing them online publicaly for free. My aim is to make these “bite-sized” pieces of my world and its cast of characters. I consider these stories to be supplementary to the main (unreleased) books, and they will feature side characters and locations, local legends, and more.

2.) I will be inviting folks to be early “beta” readers to offer me feedback and constructive criticism on the stories before they’re released.

3.) Each of these short stories will be paired with art by myself or guest artists. As a visual artist myself, I’m really eager to try to further illustrate the world for others to see, and to have a better sense of setting and context for characters and events.

4.) I will renew my social media presence online in relation to my stories and will set up a more cohesive (and public) place to find out more about it for visitors. I am also hoping to come up with some neat initiatives to reach other people online (such as audio readings of the stories, videos, etc.)

5.) I will continue working on the primary books, and down the road I aim to get them published. I have not yet determined the venue I will be using to do this.

Through these steps I am hoping to do two main things:

1.) Get my work “out there” and improve it. Writing in a vacuum only goes so far, and the more eyes that see my work and can give me honest feedback, the better I can make it.

2.) Share my work with a wider audience. I have had these stories to tell for a over a dozen years now, and I’m eager to share the characters and their world with more people.

In any case, wish me luck, and if you’re interested in helping, let me know!

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